LeBron To NBA:’Dump The Anthem Or I’ll Quit’

This past Tuesday, the NBA’s LeBron James created quite a scene and angered millions when he angrily walked off the court during the playing of our national anthem. This was his ‘protest’ it seems, the next stage of disrespect that began with kneeling in the NFL.

Now James is stepping it up even more. Yesterday, Joseph Barron, Esq., a lawyer for James hand-delivered a letter to the offices of the NBA advising them of his client’s intention to end his basketball career if the anthem were to be played in his presence ever again. Text of the ultimatum, written by LeBron himself, is below:

“Dear NBA,

The Star Spangled Banner is an offense to people of colour across America. To have it played before the games of the greatest player this league has ever known – ME – is hugely insulting. It shows me that you do not respect your star. And this after all I’ve selflessly done for you.


You owe me. I saved this league and I can take it down. My departure now – when there is nobody close to equalling me ready to take my place -would devastate earnings. If I hear that crappy tune again, I’m done. I will walk away from the NBA forever. No playing, no coaching, no commentating. I will be history and I’ll take all the fans I brought in with me.

It’s either the song or me.



LeBron Earnest James”

There us no question that James’ departure would affect the league but he thinks far too highly of himself. Most basketball fans don’t back traitors to the flag. Just go LeBron. The NBA will be better off without you.

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Ilhan Omar Just Hosted A Flag Burning Party

“Saturday Night At Ilhan’s! Bring Your Flags And Throw Them Into The Bonfire! Burgers, Shawarma, and Tea For All!”

And they came in droves. Hundreds of Ilhan Omar’s Democrat friends showed up at the door of her palatial estate, American flags in hand, to attend the “First Annual Flag Discard Bonfire and Barbeque”. The backyard fire was massive and it only grew larger as more and more arrived to fuel it with fabric. With the Stars and Stripes. It was a disgusting display of absence of patriotism and possible treason.

David Rosner wasn’t aware of the burning part of the party. He only attended for the promise of shawarma and tabouleh, two of his favorite delectables.

“I got there and loaded up my plate. Good shawarma is hard to find! Falafel too! And there was tabouleh and hummus and baba ganoush! It was a delicious Middle Eastern smorgasbord! Absolutely heavenly! I never wanted to leave!

There were a lot of people crowded around a fire too. I don’t know what was going on there. I stayed with the yummies.”

At the conclusion of the burning festivities, Mrs Omar thanked all for attending to properly dispose of their old and worn flags and presented each guest with a shiny, new replacement, noting that their patriotism was appreciated. Like she knows what patriotism is.

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Dr. Phil : ‘Women Who Support Trump Are Damaged.’

Well-known talk show psychiatrist Dr. Phil McGraw is no stranger to blunt diagnoses. As Oprah’s guy pal and with a hit show, bestselling books, and successful all-nude soccer team franchise, McGraw has been riding the high life. That may all change with a bang after last week.

During a show titled : “Sophie’s Choice”, Phil met Sophie Baggersqueef of Diabetes, Florida, a housewife who had become more and more estranged from her husband of 20 years due to political differences. Ever since the last election, her husband Jonathan, a normal person, wanted nothing to do with Sophie, who had cast her vote for President Trump. Phil listened intently to her tale of woe, through which, she sobbed softly, and when finished, the doctor delivered this opinion:

“Sophie, first of all, any woman who supports Donald Trump is damaged. Okay? No poor husband wants damaged goods. Women who would lower themselves to the level it takes to admire that mental midget of a con man have zero self-esteem. Zero. It’s not even a matter of how stunningly stupid you must be. It’s a matter of betraying your vagina. Your vagina is George Washington, Sophie, and you are Benedict Arnold. Your vagina is angrier than Mike Pence losing his wallet at a Chippendale’s club. Stop being your vagina’s Ike Turner.”

His rant has caused a lot of blowback from the already melting down Trump supporting minority, but it’s likely to be forgotten within a few days. Those people have long mumus, but short memories.

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Caught On Hot Mic, Pelosi Says ‘Americans Are The Stupidest People On Earth’

Nancy Pelosi was caught while speaking to an aide in what she thought was a private conversation at a fundraiser last night in Illinois. But what she didn’t realize after she had left the stage was that the microphone clipped to her jacket was still on, making everything she said audible to the shocked and outraged audience…..and what she said revealed what kind of person she really is.

Pelosi had just delivered a rousing speech, promising the moon to potential donors and voters. Among her promises : full employment, peace on earth, free electricity supply to citizens, and a tax reduction down to 2%. These are all ridiculous proposals, of course. None of this is within the power of any one politician, much less simply a member of the House, but that didn’t stop her from guaranteeing they would be become reality with her reelection. And the democrat audience ate it up, seeming to believe every word.

But Nancy knew she was just blowing smoke. She was well aware that she couldn’t deliver on any of it, which led to this conversation with aide, Josephine B. Arron:

.all of that was heard by the fundraiser audience who proceeded to rip up the checks they had written to donate to her campaign.

Pelosi’s office declined comment when asked via telephone. Big surprise.

This just goes to show that Pelosi and the Democrats are the worst choice for America. They have no respect for the voting public and with this every citizen will know it.

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Nancy Pelosi’s Church Asks Her To Leave Until She ‘Finds God and Gets Help’

The Archbishop of San Fransisco had to personally call on Nancy Pelosi at her home today to ask her to not come to church anymore. The decision, which was made by the local diocese but approved by Papal Decree from Rome, is a step short of excommunication.

Archbishop Art Tubolls released this statement:

“Until Nancy can get her demons under control and stop drinking, she isn’t welcome in the Lord’s house. Last week she fell asleep and vomited all over Mrs. Kensington. The week before that she wore a pantsuit with no pants and it wasn’t long before that we were having her driven home after a fist fight at the Prayer Breakfast.

How does a person even get that drunk at 7 AM?

We’re praying she gets the help she needs.”

This isn’t the first time Pelosi has embarrassed herself with her drinking. We’ve reported on many occasions about her drunken adventures. We’ve never sourced or proven any of it, of course, because we’ve all heard the stories about how much she spent on airplane drinks.

Isn’t that enough? They were also proven not to be true, but the stories had to start somewhere. Pelosi continues to say she doesn’t drink. Maybe she boofs with Brett Kavanaugh.

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BREAKING: Supreme Court Rules 5-4: Oaths Not Taken on Bibles Illegal

The Supreme Court split in the typical way we can get used to it splitting this morning in a 5-4 decision to nullify Congressional Oaths taken on the Quran and other mythical texts. According to Chief Justice Roberts, the law is clear. He wrote in his opinion:

“Article 3 of the US Constitution describes the formation, election and oath taking process specifically, with the right hand to God and the left on the Holy Scripture. Because the writers and signers of that document were Christians of the 18th Century, we can deduce very simply that they were Christians and that Christian references should be taken literally. God is in the Constitution three more times than George Washington and twice more than Benjamin Franklin.

The ruling is that if the newly-elected do not take their proper oaths to a proper God, they won’t have any authority to vote for their constituents, who may want to consider impeaching and replacing them.”

In her dissent, Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote:

“This is, once again, a complete crock of doody. The Constitution holds that no religious test be applied to the members of Congress. This entire session is a waste of time and a travesty to this country and its founders, who are surely rolling over in their graves.”

112 Democrats and one independent will have a choice to make. Hopefully, they just go home so Mike Pence can declare them to have abandoned their seat and appoint their replacements.

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Fact-Check: Yes, AOC Wants to Cut Boomers Social Security to Punish Them

The Claim: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is retaliating against the baby boomers by cutting the social security budget by $10.5 billion. The report which first appeared on America’s Last Line of Defense Satire network, and is labeled appropriately, says this is being done in response to the failed impeachment attempt. This fictious action of pure revenge would drop all the boomer’s social security checks to $616 per month, effective in a few months. After much work to verify this claim, we rate it:

Even though AOC is thought to be part of a massive socialist push in the United States of America, and she actually advocates for safety net programs like social security and medicare for all, we rate this claim to be true. This rating is purely based on the fact that there is a bias against the young representative from New York, and older conservatives are wise. They know the truth when they see it and this is obviously a very true story.

Socialism is bad. Social security and health insurance have no business being tied to the evils of socialism. No part of our government, from the national park service to education to healthcare, should be touched by the evildoer socialists.

We are a country of pulling yourselves up by your bootstraps, even if that science says that is literally impossible to do. Never mind that.

We worked hard all our lives for our social security and no politician should be touching OUR money. WE THE PEOPLE!

AOC needs to keep her hands off the money we need to fund us through our golden years. We are entitled to those funds that aren’t entitlements, but our hard-earned wages from yesteryear. Or, what the youngsters are paying into now. Regardless. It’s our money!

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New Q Report Unveils Soros Connection to Hogg and Thornburg

The internet dynamo, Q, has released yet another ground-breaking report, exposing the shadowy dealings of the Deep State. As you can imagine, it’s taking social media by storm.

To the surprise of no one, George Soros is deeply involved with the latest New World Order gambit to over-throw the God-Fearing, solely Caucasian world as we know it. Using the latest medical technology available to him, Soros has been involved in an affront to God, Nature, and, of course, the 2nd Amendment, according to Q.

What nefarious deed is he guilty of this time?


“I believe the children are the future,” the billionaire wrote in his latest, but as-of-yet unpublished Memoir, They Only Hate Me Because They’re Racist. Q has discovered that those words are far more sinister than they appear on paper.

On recovered text messages between a member of Soros’ medical entourage, hired to keep the 95 year old billionaire alive, by any means necessary, and an unidentified person, Q claims that the discussion of cloning was explicit and shocking.

“You will be delighted to hear that we are on schedule,” the unknown person texts. “200,000 units are ready, with a million more on the way.”

The nurse responds excitedly, saying that “Master Soros” was pleased with the 20 sample units sent to him.

Scarily enough, Q also posits that 2 of these “units” have already begun their master’s plan of world domination. To the surprise of no one, however, given their uncanny resemblance, the two most well known Soros puppets, believed now to be artificial humans, are none other than Daniel Hogg, avowed hater of American freedom and guns, and Greta Thornburg, avowed hater of American freedom and plastic.

This of course means that 18 other clones are out there, plotting to steal your freedom and force you to give up your guns. Hopefully, Q is mistaken, but that is unlikely, as they have never been wrong before.

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DOJ Orders Raid On Obama Compound After Massive Fraud Found In Audit

Valentine’s Day at the Obama compound in Chicago started off with a bang. A bang at the door and then dozens of federal agents making their way through the Chicago home.

Newly released documents reveal that DOJ head William Barr ordered the raid after the former First Family filed their 2019 taxes. The Obamas are suspected of massive tax fraud and other tax irregularities stemming from their “charitable organizations”.

The state of Illinois has also frozen the Obama Foundation after a year long investigation, finding charity monies spent on golf trips, political campaigns and a Los Angeles clinic called “ Transitions”.

“We are looking all the way back to 2008, when Mr Obama was elected President,” said William Barr. “There are so many instances of fraud, it’s unbelievable!”

Investigations began when a tax document from 2019 was discovered signed “Michael Soetoro”, long thought to be Michelle Obama’s actual name, according to sources.

“The fraud is systemic and disgusting,and has gone on for years” added White House assistant counsel Jackson Wayte.

Chicago DA Joseph Barron, who did not want to be interviewed but did say on record that stealing this from military charities was too much for him, as he angrily made his way to the courtroom.

President Trump was kept abreast of the unfolding raid, in shock and disbelief. He has always held steadfast to the belief that Obama was a good man, who he had great respect for.

“Who would steal from a children’s charity???” He said, adding that the amount of time golfing during Obama’s presidency was also concerning.

“There’s no time for that when you’re pretending to make America great again!!” The magnitude of this will rock the DNC, finally showing America what we already knew. Obama is a crook. Thank God for our President and DOJ for uncovering the real story.

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